The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Checklist

Photo by Fariz Hermawan on Yes, you read the title right. Today I want to talk about THE checklist, the one in your mind, the one you use to rate someone when they start making moves on you. Many of us may try to be suave and play it off like we are free... Continue Reading →

Life lessons from 2020

  1.       1.     Locs get product build up -         The year 2020 started with me as an owner of expensive yet beautiful locs. They looked authentic and I had finally found a hairstyle I was proud of. The lockdown had me at home with no saloon and experimenting on different hair products. Quick tip,... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Reads

Hey guys! So the lockdown from April (till now for me😂) gave me a lot of time to go through my Reading List and scratch some things out. FYI, I'm an avid reader. If the book is worth it, best believe I'll stay up all night just to finish it. I\'m going to talk about... Continue Reading →

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