He called me babe

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com I believe every girl has had an experience where a male calls you babe and you finally understand the term sexual harassment. My most recent one came in the form of an overweight middle aged man in a piss coloured suit. To say I was offended is an understatement.... Continue Reading →

Saying goodbye, The Kissing Booth and Growing Up

Hello from my self-imposed hiatus! The Kissing Booth trilogy is finally, but sadly over *insert crying face* The final movie was released on Netflix just last week and fans all over the globe finally got to say goodbye to Elle Evans and her merry band of hunky men. I watched the movie last night and... Continue Reading →

30 BEFORE 30

Being slapped right in the face by mortality has a way of bringing the important things into focus. It got me wondering about all the things I’ve wanted to do in my life but haven’t had the chance to do, so in light of this, I came up with a list (in no particular order)... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Fight Club

I know you are probably thinking, what would one learn from a movie about men beating each other senseless, but let me tell you that the 1999 masterpiece by David Fincher is full of lessons that you could apply to your everyday life. First Rule of Fight Club The first rule of fight club is... Continue Reading →

Classic Thursdays: The Breakfast Club

Dreamstime.com First things first, hello from the second half of 2021. I can’t believe we are halfway through this torturous year. Its been a wild ride. We started the year with Australia on fire and Zimbabwe experiencing an uprise in Covid 19 cases. By February through to March, things had quietened down in this teapot... Continue Reading →

Culture or Oppression?

Pexels.com Chiramu a cultural practice that involves dallying, flirting, and an amorous play between babamukuru  ("brother-in-law") and his wife's single younger sister or an unmarried muzukuru ("niece-in-law"). As a Zimbabwean who is very proud of her roots and open minded about cultural practices, I have to say this is one practice that I am strongly against. Growing up... Continue Reading →

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