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Dear John

Dear John I put up a new wallpaper for the baby. It has little sunflowers on it that smile down at her from all around. Yes, I said her. You keep saying it's a boy but I'm convinced she's a girl. I can't really explain it but when her little legs kick at my tummy... Continue Reading →

A bit of nostalgia Dearest reader welcome to my little corner of the internet. It has been a while since we shared musings from this Gen Z mind and I know I am partly (fully) to blame but what can I say except my usual excuse, adulting. A couple of days ago, I came across a letter I... Continue Reading →

The intruder He is back.Like an avenging angel, he barges in without warning,His presence, dark and menacing, fills the entire space and fear grips you until you are trembling like a leafHe starts turning tables, wrecking havoc and chaos at ever corner, bringing up memories long buried,PainFailureSadnessEmptinessHopelessnessHe unearths it all until the voices get so loud... Continue Reading →

A series of unfortunate events

Photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya on Dearest reader, my apologies for pulling yet another Houdini but rest assured, I am back in the game. It seems my last couple of posts have started with a similar sentence; me apologising and making a promise to do better then disappearing yet again. I really should stop behaving... Continue Reading →

Changing the Narrative

Photo by nappy on Hello dear readers! It has been a while and I don’t know if I can offer a reasonable explanation for my self-imposed exile other than… adulting. It has been a rollercoaster ride. We started a New Year side note: can I still say happy New Year when we are already... Continue Reading →

Dear Tino

happy birthday Dear Best friend This is my prayer for you, I pray you get all the goodness you deserve in this life, I pray grace and mercy locate you all the days of your life, May your steps be guided by the light of the Almighty And your battles fought by the might of... Continue Reading →

Grief Hello grief, c’mon in Have a sit and a cup of tea There are some tears to go around if it’s not bitter enough No please, do not shut the door Leave it open for your cousins, depression and anger Maybe suicidal thoughts might show up too After all, it is a family reunion... Continue Reading →

Growing Pains

Greetings from my very tired and dry mind. Yes, I’m still alive just lacking motivation and the will to structure a few coherent and good enough sentences. It has been a very busy couple of weeks and a lot has changed since the last time I was here. For starters, I am employed now. I... Continue Reading →

Of first rains, gods and mythology

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on We received our first rains yesterday *yeayy*. The rains started whilst I was getting my hair done and the hairdresser shared with me one of the many beliefs we have pertaining the first rains, that is if you are caught in that rain, you have a blessed season... Continue Reading →

Always and Forever “Tell me a story” “What kind of story?” he asked, looking around the stark white walls of the hospital room. “I could tell you the one about the swordsman and the warrior princess or the one about the first female pilot, that’s your favourite” “Not that kind, tell me a tragic one, the one... Continue Reading →

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