Grief Hello grief, c’mon in Have a sit and a cup of tea There are some tears to go around if it’s not bitter enough No please, do not shut the door Leave it open for your cousins, depression and anger Maybe suicidal thoughts might show up too After all, it is a family reunion... Continue Reading →

Of first rains, gods and mythology

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on We received our first rains yesterday *yeayy*. The rains started whilst I was getting my hair done and the hairdresser shared with me one of the many beliefs we have pertaining the first rains, that is if you are caught in that rain, you have a blessed season... Continue Reading →

Firefighting my way to a degree

Hello from the flip side of exams. The past month has been super hectic and involved a lot of sleepless nights, a thousand litres of energy drinks and a few tears to spice things up. BUT I am glad to say I made it out alive… barely. I’m always a last minute type of student,... Continue Reading →

He called me babe

Photo by Anna Shvets on I believe every girl has had an experience where a male calls you babe and you finally understand the term sexual harassment. My most recent one came in the form of an overweight middle aged man in a piss coloured suit. To say I was offended is an understatement.... Continue Reading →

30 BEFORE 30

Being slapped right in the face by mortality has a way of bringing the important things into focus. It got me wondering about all the things I’ve wanted to do in my life but haven’t had the chance to do, so in light of this, I came up with a list (in no particular order)... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Fight Club

I know you are probably thinking, what would one learn from a movie about men beating each other senseless, but let me tell you that the 1999 masterpiece by David Fincher is full of lessons that you could apply to your everyday life. First Rule of Fight Club The first rule of fight club is... Continue Reading →

Did Africa heed to the Me Too Movement?

In April 2018, I had the opportunity to take part in the Hellenic Academy International Debate(HAID) and one of the motions put before us was on the Me Too Movement. Before this debate, the #MeToo movement had never been in my radar. For those living under a rock, the #MeToo movement is a social movement... Continue Reading →

Life lessons from 2020

  1.       1.     Locs get product build up -         The year 2020 started with me as an owner of expensive yet beautiful locs. They looked authentic and I had finally found a hairstyle I was proud of. The lockdown had me at home with no saloon and experimenting on different hair products. Quick tip,... Continue Reading →

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