WinterABC2021: The Prince and his Bride Part Two

Photo by Dennis Irorere on Unsplash Zara had to be the most beautiful bride Kijani had ever seen, but then he was biased when it came to her. He held her hand and repeated the words the chief priest told him to. “Earth, wind, fire and ice, I am hers and she is mine until... Continue Reading →

WinterABC2021: The Prince and his Bride Part One Ever wondered what makes an epic love story? The kind that is immortalised in books and minds, the one that lasts forever. What exactly is the key ingredient to this? Is it being star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet or sharing the same passion like Bonnie and Clyde? This story is about two lovers... Continue Reading →

Culture or Oppression? Chiramu a cultural practice that involves dallying, flirting, and an amorous play between babamukuru  ("brother-in-law") and his wife's single younger sister or an unmarried muzukuru ("niece-in-law"). As a Zimbabwean who is very proud of her roots and open minded about cultural practices, I have to say this is one practice that I am strongly against. Growing up... Continue Reading →

My top spots in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a land filled with a lot of hidden gems when it comes to tourism. Today I will share my favourite spots that you can visit with friends and family for a fun filled experience. Victoria Falls Known to the locals as Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning ‘the smoke that thunders’ is a waterfall on the Zambezi... Continue Reading →

The history of footwear

Thank God for the smart chaps that invented shoes! As I type this, I’m wearing winter boots that I’m super grateful for in this current weather. The history of shoes is a bit sketchy. Some say it was a Dutch inventor by the name Jan Ernst Matzeliger, others the Romans and some the Egyptians but... Continue Reading →

Culture & Fashion Week: Lobola and Weddings

Lately, lobola/roora has become one of the biggest fashion shows in our teapot shaped land. The costumes have become so elaborate; tailors can hardly keep up with the designs. Key people to note are the bridal squad, the parents, the groom and finally the main attraction herself, the bride. The Squad These are your... Continue Reading →

A sneak peak into my closet

Welcome dearest reader. My apologies for disappearing last week, school happened but I am back for another exciting week on Culture and Fashion. Enjoy! Today I get to do something I never thought I would be doing in my life, write about clothes. Thank you so much Afrobloggers for taking me way out of my... Continue Reading →

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