Business & Tech Week: Computer Science Myths

Dearest reader (I’m doing my best Lady Whistledown impression as I type this) today I am proud to be hosting an IT expert who will be answering some questions as well as sharing some real life IT hacks. Introducing Rufaro Carol Murandu! Exciting, I know.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m Rufaro Carol Murandu and yes, I am an IT expert. I am currently studying Business Studies and Computing Science and that gives me a certain level of expertise in the field. Today I want to explain what computer science is in the simplest terms and debunk some urban myths on the field.

First things first, I’m not a hacker so do not ask me to hack your cheating boyfriend’s phone. Most people think a computer science student is those TV hackers who punch a couple random buttons and utter the magic words “I’m in”. I hate to burst your babble but it’s not that cool so no hacking the FBI database from me. What you actually need for your cheating partner are Level IV Hackers, those are the cool guys who can do the freakishly awesome stuff.

Number two, I do not ‘fix’ computer hardware. Your baby sister decided to give your laptop, a bath coz it looked dirty, I’m very sorry but I’m not your guy. What you need is a Computer (Hardware) Engineer. Those are the brilliant minds familiar with the physical components of your PC. My knowledge on the subject is limited and I may have to actually rely on Google just like you.

The third and final myth is that computer science is for nerds, geeks and men. It’s the 21st century, women have been to the moon, are working in construction, in armed forces and flying airplanes, I’m pretty sure they can write a few lines of code too so that renders sexuality useless in this case. As for nerdiness, I personally blame the movie industry. Rarely are tech people portrayed as extroverts who actually have a life out of code. We do not spend days locked away in basements staring at monitors. We are in business marketing, analysis, project management and planning, networks, software and mobile app development and so many other fields. There are many layers to computer science than you can imagine so don’t brush us off as the nerdy, socially awkward members of society.

White Hat Hackers

Your main question may now be what is Computer Science? A simple definition would be the study of computers and computational systems. Our focus is on artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, vision and graphics, programming languages, software engineering, database systems and s much more. We deal with software and software systems unlike our electrical and computer engineering friends. Next time you meet a Computer Scientist, you know what to ask about.

Adios family.

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